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Scott Listol has been working as a low voltage technician for over 25 years and is one of the finest techs in the business. 


Scott has been working in the Madison area as well as multiple Projects in Illinois, Tennessee and Minnesota. Scott is a hands-on Tech that enjoys training and working with the clients after the install is complete.


Co-owner, Lead Tech, Project Manager

Troy Semenic has been involved in Low Voltage construction for about 12 years and has a background in electronics.  He has worked nearly 20 years in the underground utility construction field, most of his time was as a foreman and later in project management.


Troy enjoys working with the clients, scheduling work and service calls etc. Troy's goal is always to get back to the customers in a timely manner. Troy says this is very much appreciated in this business.


Co-Owner, Admin, HR, Billing

Mitchel Listol Mitch has been with us nearly 5 years and has taken over the IP camera installation projects as well as many of the Door Access work.


Mitch is a gifted mechanic, he is able to use many of those skills sets on the job.


Lead Tech, Foreman

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